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Its been a very busy start to 2021, with the country in lockdown, Many key workers have still been working, of they have need to up date and upskill themselves . Have met both new and existing clients that have needed to either renew or do courses for the first time. If you need train your staff or renew their qualifications drop me a line.
After several months when no training was taking a place across the united kingdom ,over the past few months the way that training has taken place has changed. The number of students being taught at any time has been reduced, the level of PPE has increased and all to keep people safe.
Life has changed in many ways, as a training provider that has helped several companies and individuals over come many of the changes that been brought in, So are you up to date with you all of your risk assessment?
Wearing a mask, & PPE, treating people with illness and other medical conditions - or fire safety ,or even road safety. I've seen a rise in the number of cases with breathing difficulties, cardiac arrest, and nonlife-threatening injuries.

So going foward how is your planning for the new year - plan now to get the best you can
Over the past few months several different types of training courses have been added to this section of the web site, so some new pages will start to appear, If your looking at upskilling your lifeguards if you run a swimming pool or leisure facility , the New PXB board could aid you if you only have small numbers of staff on site. Or if you do run a community pool the new water safety course could be right up your street.
Outdoor first course enquires are picking up, so when the weather picks, if you work near water or high or even just outside doors how would you cope if the weather changed and help was hours away if not days away.
Over the past few months, nearly 200 people have been trained in first aid and life saving skills.
It's been great going back and meeting old clients, along with meeting many ones.
Some of the comments have blown me away so thank you for that.
theses have included:
I came across a road traffic incident after attending one of your courses, the way you taught gave me the confidence to get involved so thankyou.
I've watched you teach both young and older learners and you've kept them interested for a long time.
A great teacher
a great course and I had fun learning.
Having just completed several first aid courses over the past few months, it's great to hear a story from someone who came to one such course and then took the time to write and tell me.
Having taken a course taken by Darren I drove home never thinking I might actual need the skills that were taught that night. At about 10 o'clock that evening following the course I was driving home when I came around the corner to be faced with a car on it's side and another on it's roof.
At first I couldn't get a signal on my mobile phone to call the emergency services, I remember Darren saying about ringing 112 if 999 seemed to not be working. I got connected and made contact with the emergency services- it seemed like a life time actually waiting for them to arrive but they on scene shortly. I managed get others to help at the scene of the accident while waiting for the emergency services. The whole incident played out the way Darren said it would. He gave me confidence and the basic skills to be able to help until the professionals arrived.
Thank -you so much I will be telling others about the way you teach and the confidence you gave me.
Over the past few months, several new courses have been added to the list of courses that can be taught following enquires from various clients in various locations across the country
These include evac chairs, fire warden, further water safety course ,around open water and spa pools, There has been a big push with road safety ,which has resulted in several people looking at the way that they train and they've taken on board the ideas and given me credit for them- so now it's about putting together a presentation to assist them get the various messages across.
Courses for young people are also due to start in the new year, a head of the government putting it into schools, along this line babysitting courses and outdoor / off road cycling first aid course it looks like exciting courses a head.

it's been a really busy few months trying to put things in place for future growth and development, more plans will be revealed later in the year.Have taken on severeal new subjects as an instructor and now currently looking for training venues across the south of England and maybe further afield.Additonal things now covered include serious bleeding, outdoor forester first aid, more water safety courses; along with working along side a local motor bike firm to try and educate their studends what to do in a road side emergency.
Home first aid is also being enquired about ,so have a few new customers asking about bespoke courses that can be done where they live. By working the way I have done and charging a fair fee this has brought in more work. My last 3 day first at work course brought people from 5 different industries together from retail, to beauty, construction and fire works & personal safety
It's been a busy period visiting several different clients in various locations, am currently doing some field work in remote location that is at least 2 hrs from qualified help on a remote island .looking at both first aid & water safety venues while waiting for assistance the number here is 112.
It' been a difficult couple of weeks , which has resulted in a change of direction, this is likely to see a break from the normal .
so what with people wanting bespoke training I'm now offering first aid in the home which will last 2- 2.5 hrs. If you'd like to have further information pls let me know or ask for quote.
Over the past few days are lead trainer has been really tested, what with the weather as bad as it has been, so firstly while on the way to teach a manual handling course, came across a road traffic accident which involved just one car, but this car had been traveling at the national road speed for a dual carriage way and rolled over, so basic first aid skills were used to deal with the scene and the casualty.
After this a collapsed a young man who fell out of a shower behind a door blocking the door; he also required first aid but also a lot of TLC(tender loving care) then a another road crash with a motor bike and a car, again basic first aid skills used to deal with the scene and the casualty while waiting for an ambulance.
So day so a water safety event teaching as part of a safety in action in Bexhill in Sussex - showing the dangers associated with garden ponds, the flags used on the beach & finally rope throwing to a simulated casualty.
So the use of 4 different skills that I'm able to teach.
Why not invest in you and yours staff future, your greatest asset is them and you.