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Having just completed several first aid courses over the past few months, it's great to hear a story from someone who came to one such course and then took the time to write and tell me.
Having taken a course taken by Darren I drove home never thinking I might actual need the skills that were taught that night. At about 10 o'clock that evening following the course I was driving home when I came around the corner to be faced with a car on it's side and another on it's roof.
At first I couldn't get a signal on my mobile phone to call the emergency services, I remember Darren saying about ringing 112 if 999 seemed to not be working. I got connected and made contact with the emergency services- it seemed like a life time actually waiting for them to arrive but they on scene shortly. I managed get others to help at the scene of the accident while waiting for the emergency services. The whole incident played out the way Darren said it would. He gave me confidence and the basic skills to be able to help until the professionals arrived.
Thank -you so much I will be telling others about the way you teach and the confidence you gave me.