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Over the past few days are lead trainer has been really tested, what with the weather as bad as it has been, so firstly while on the way to teach a manual handling course, came across a road traffic accident which involved just one car, but this car had been traveling at the national road speed for a dual carriage way and rolled over, so basic first aid skills were used to deal with the scene and the casualty.
After this a collapsed a young man who fell out of a shower behind a door blocking the door; he also required first aid but also a lot of TLC(tender loving care) then a another road crash with a motor bike and a car, again basic first aid skills used to deal with the scene and the casualty while waiting for an ambulance.
So day so a water safety event teaching as part of a safety in action in Bexhill in Sussex - showing the dangers associated with garden ponds, the flags used on the beach & finally rope throwing to a simulated casualty.
So the use of 4 different skills that I'm able to teach.
Why not invest in you and yours staff future, your greatest asset is them and you.