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First Aid Training Courses & other training courses

I specialise in providing high-quality, clearly presented First Aid courses and training that gives you or your workforce with the knowledge and skills needed to provide aid in an emergency scenario. I strive to provide a fun and engaging learning environment that makes the content and techniques easy to understand. My unique, hands-on approach ensures you will leave my courses with the relevant qualifications, and the confidence and skills to manage an emergency.

First Aid at Work

The highest workplace First Aid qualification you can receive, the First Aid at Work (FAW) course has been designed to meet Qualifications and Credit Framework Level 3 guidelines. Available as a three-day basic or as a two-day refresher, my FAW course will provide you with the skills to manage any incidents at your workplace that require First Aid, regardless of your industry. This a 3 day course or a 2 day refresher.
Emergency Aid

My one-day Emergency Aid course will help you learn how to handle the emergency protocols associated with First Aid. This course has been developed for those in smaller, low-risk work environments, and provides you with the basic training and skills necessary for providing lifesaving First Aid.
From sport to business your safety is important learn a skill that could save a life.
Outdoor First Aid Course
A new addition, if you work outside and take groups on walks , Camping, D of E,mountain biking, any outdoor activity in fact anywhere that's not inside.
why not learn how to help with this unique Bespoke course
Young or old could benefit from the skills this course teaches.
Evac Chair Training

This is the latest course to be added to the training available to train your staff. Does your building have an evacuation chair ? Does your risk assessment say you need to use it? Do your staff require assistance to get out if an emergency situation should occur. ask for a quote
Basic Life Support

Using a theoretical and practical approach, this course addresses the most common life-threatening scenarios you may face. This course teaches the basics of life support in a step-by-step format that ensures you will have a detailed understanding of the various techniques used to save lives.
Paediatric First Aid

The Paediatric First Aid course will equip you with the necessary skills to handle emergency situations involving infants and young children. Specifically aimed at those looking after younger children, including Early Years educators, this course will give you the ability to handle several emergencies.
Ever wanted to learn to ride a cycle or improve the skills that you've got. I'm a qualified national cycle trainer who is able to take you from a complete beginner, to a more confident road cyclist.
Level 1 is in a safe area, while level 2 and 3 is on the road.
Why not learn before the spring comes so you can enjoy yourself and get fitter.
Epi Pen Training
This very practical training can save lives, why not ask about how to save a life, with this very simple piece of kit. Book a home or work course today
Why not learn a realistic skill to help save a life, courses are about 3 hrs in duration
Water Safety

My professional Water Safety courses are sure to provide you or your workforce with the skills and confidence to react in an emergency occurring in or near water. This course is aimed at anyone looking to provide safety cover in or near water, specifically those with supervisory responsibilities. I offer several courses that will qualify and prepare you for several water-related emergencies, including:
  • NPLQ Lifeguard Training
  • National Rescue Test for Teachers
  • Emergency Response Training (Swimming Pool)
  • Rookie Lifeguarding
  • Swim & Save Survival .
  • Working Next to water
Other Services

I am also qualified and trained to carry out a vast number of other training courses to ensure you or your workforce is prepared for a range of emergency scenarios. These include:
  • EpiPen Training
  • Oxygen/Medical Gas Training
  • Defibrillator/Automated External Defibrillator Courses & Training
  • First Aid Assessments
  • Emergency Response Training
  • Manual Handling
  • Bicycle/Cycle Training
  • Road Safety Training
  • Biker Down Road safety training
  • Child Protection/safe guarding
  • Mini Medics(training for younger people)
  • Fire Marshal/Fire Warden Training/extinguisher
  • Working along side other training providers like saferide motorcycle and scooter training to enhance your skill on the road

I also offer other training upon request. To see how I can provide you with quality training to suit your needs, get in touch today.